大乗仏陀 mix

大乗仏陀 mix by EVISBEATS

1.Notice things / EVISBEATS
2.Wanderlust (feat. Soul Food Horns) / Ghostnaut & Glimlip
3.Deep in a Dream of You / Joey Pecoraro
4.I`m Just a Lucky So-and-So / Louis armstrong & Duke ellington
5.Another Evening Tale / Cafe Music BGM Channel
6.Blossom / Rook1e & J `san
7.Old Cape Cod / Patti Page
8.Sofa / Casiio
9.A Lazy Bird / Cafe Music BGM Channel
10.Summer Festival / biosphere
11.Her / DAO
12.The Ceiling's Maze / Laura Perrudin
13.Feel Like Swimming In The Sky / Cafe Music BGM Channel
14.Snow Day (feat. Noah Reed) / Dr.Dundiff
15.Cry Me A River / Julie London
16. Bringmesun / Psalm Trees × Guillaume Muschalle
17.Yellow Bird / Arthur Lyman
18.Indistinct Chatter / Dontcry x Glimlip x Yasper
19.Der Regen hat aufgehört / Henning Schmiedt.
20.Tôzen / GYVUS
21.Just a Moment / Matt Quentin
22.I Loves You, Porgy / Nina Simone
23.Star Dust / Errol Garner
24.Moon River / Jacob Collier
25.Soulmerge / Ashana



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